Naming Your Independant Pharmacy

I recently answered some questions for Independent Pharmacy Magazine  for business owners naming their pharmacy. It short and to the point, I hope a piece of the advice below can help an independent pharmacy grow.. 

While not a requirement for success, using pharmacy in the name is better than drug as drug is associated with street drugs in popular nomenclature. It can also lead to unfavorable Google results when customers search for your business.

It is very competitive among independent pharmacies these days. Specializing and having your name reflect that specialty can be important for standing out and projecting expertise through the pharmacy name.

Google is so important to our businesses these days. Before finalizing a name, make sure to do a Google search to see what other results show up. A very similar competitor name or something that may confuse the person that is Googling your business could be detrimental. 

Ultimately it is your team that creates a great reputation and the byproduct is a quality name.  

- Rudy